PIH Portable Immersion Heaters

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The PIH range of portable immersion heaters are suitable for heating large or small quantities of water, stored in open topped vessels and baths, where permanently installed immersion heaters are not practical or desirable.



  • IP66 terminal enclosure
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Long life Incoloy 825 sheathed rod type elements
  • Wide, stable, self-supporting base
  • Optional control thermostat
  • Long unheated length for use with low liquid levels




Enclosure Self colour aluminium protected to IP66
Element Rod type with Incoloy 825 sheaths
Immersed Parts Stainless steel
Controls Standard Construction - None
Automatic Construction - Capillary type thermostat up to +30°C
Rating Standard heater rating 3kW
Voltage Standard 240V single phase; other single phase supplies on request
Installation We recommend that the electrical supply is protected by an RCD and that the heater is fully earthed, the element must be fully submerged before being energised
Cable 5m of supply cable provided
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