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EXHEAT manufacture a range of flameproof heaters and increased safety air heaters and air duct heaters for use in hazardous areas. EXHEAT flameproof and hazardous area heaters and air duct heaters are supplied CE marked in accordance with the latest CENELEC and ATEX or IECEx requirements. Flameproof heaters and hazardous area heaters can be certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 or Zone 21 and Zone 22 hazardous areas. Safe area thyristor control systems or flameproof control systems and flameproof thermostats are also designed and manufactured by EXHEAT to control our range of flameproof and hazardous area air heaters and air duct heaters. Our engineers will be pleased to advise on the most suitable control system for your flameproof air heater and air duct heater application EXHEAT ® offer a full range of flameproof, increased safety, dust ignition protected or industrial air heaters and air duct heaters for a wide variety of applications.


FAW Hazardous Area Air Warmers FCR Hazardous Area Convector Heaters FLR Flameproof Liquid Filled Radiators
FUH Flameproof Fan Heaters FWD Flameproof Air Warmers FWD-T Flameproof Adjustable Air Warmers
FXE Enclosure/Cabinet Heaters FX Enclosure/Cabinet Heaters FXS Enclosure/Cabinet Heaters
HEF Hazardous Area Enclosure/Cabinet Heaters LFH Fixed Fan Heater MFH 'The Bulldog' Portable Fan Heater
STW Industrial Convector Heaters
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